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Politea contest

On December 9th, Transparency International Anticorruption Center organized a public Politea contest for youngsters and adults. By Ms Nune’s recommendation, we, Mkhitar Sebastaci educational complex students and teachers decided to form a team and participate as well. My teammates were 11 and 12th graders Lucy, Amalya, Shushan, and teachers Mr.Samvel and Mr. Emanuel. With the help of our teachers, we were outstanding. Everyone contributed to our success in this game. Our team had the youngest participants, so we were a little anxious in succeeding with the game. There were three rounds. With big effort we passed to the second one on the third place. By the good results we got very excited and started playing with more passion, interest and carefulness. Thanks to our impressively outstanding team work, we got to the 3rd round by taking the 1st place. This was a huge accomplishment because none of us had an experience in competing in a game like this. Next round was a game of an individual and mostly was based on speed than intellect. There, each of us alone, put our best effort in competing with older people. By overall score, we proudly took the 4th place. Our team came there to compete, but left with more intellect, friends and enjoyment. The organizers were with good hospitality and made sure everyone had a great time.
Yes, we love to compete, but this was a huge opportunity to practice teamwork, intellectualism and gain experience in such competitions. I would love to engage in more intelectual games and contests in the future because it is a balance of education and fun.


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